Here are some of the questions we commonly recieve

Q: How do I care for my cut tree?
A: When you get home, cut a 1/2 inch off of the trunk and place it in water immediately. Keep in in water for the entire season. Do not scrape off the bark.  ‘Treat your tree like a dozen cut roses!’ 

Q: How do I care for my B&B tree?
A: Put it into a large tub. Keep ball damp to the touch (not in standing water). Trees should not be kept indoors for more than 2 weeks. Use only small lights. Keep room where it is kept cool.

Q: How do I tell the different types of trees apart?
A: Fast growing pines have multiple needles in bundles attached to branches and grow from buds at the ends of branches only (terminal buds).
Slower growing spruces and firs have single needles attached to branches and grow from buds all along the branches and from the ends (lateral and terminal buds).
For detailed descriptions of the different types of trees click here

Q: How long does it take for a Christmas tree to grow?
A: We plant 3-5 year old seedlings or transplants, which stay in our fields for 7-14 years depending on the variety. Generally pines grow faster than spruces or firs.

Q: How many trees do you sell in a year?
A: As many as we can (if you want a number, count the stumps!).

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times. Pets are only allowed in the gift shop and ready cut tree area if you are carrying them. If you are riding one of the wagons, you must check with the other riders  and see if they object to your pet. If so , you will have to wait for another wagon.

Q: Do I need a saw?
A: We provide handsaws for your convenience. Under no circumstances are mechanical saws or hatchets allowed.  We also have sleds you may use to bring the tree in from the fields.  There is cut twine, free of charge, hanging on the fence that you can use to tye your tree to your vehicle.

Q: Do you have farm tours?
A: Yes we do. Please call us for information and reservations

Q: Can I bring my trailer?
A: Yes trailers are permitted–lots of space in the parking lot.

Q: Are your Ready-Cut trees fresh?
A: Our Ready-Cut trees are cut almost daily and brought from our other farms.

Q: Do you have handicapped assistance available?
A: Assistance is available on weekdays. Handicapped accessible restrooms are available.  Handicapped parking is available next to the Tree House Gift Shop.

Q: Do you have wagon rides?
A: Weather permitting, wagon rides to selected fields are available on the weekends.

Q: Do you sell live (B&B) trees the rest of the year?
A: Yes we do. Best times for planting your live tree is April-May and September-October.

Q: Which tree smells the best?
A: All trees have different scents, we’ll be happy to show you samples.

Q: Do you shake and bale (wrap) your trees?
A: Shaking is free, baleing is available for $1.

Q: Do you sell tree stands and accessories?
A: Tree stands, ornaments, and other accessories are available in the Tree House (gift shop).

Q: If I plant my cut tree, will it grow?
A: No, roots are needed.

Q: Can I carry my 20ft. Austrian Pine on my VW Bug?
A: Whatever floats your boat! (Bring lot’s of rope.)