Operation Evergreen & Holiday Greetings

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To service personnel overseas….

“Operation Evergreen” is a service project that was developed by the OHIO Christmas Tree Association (OCTA) members in 1995-96.  The purpose–bring ‘Christmas cheer’ in the form of REAL fresh cut Christmas trees to military personnel serving overseas, in honor of the job they perform.

This OCTA project has grown from 30 trees to 300+ in 2011.

A donation of 200 trees has been accepted through ARCENT for troops serving in the South West Asian Theatre for 2017—specifically Kuwait. 

Many of the school children find wishing a ‘Merry Christmas’ to the parents, aunts, uncles and cousins serving in our armed services an outlet for expressing their personal feelings.

This project is also used in schools to augment learning activities on many levels
–Counting and packaging ornaments, measuring length of garland, celebrating holiday traditions, making and giving gifts, patriotism, Social studies, world history, current events, environmental choices, media relations, organization, participation with local military units and bases, National Guard, local veterans groups.

For every 100 trees–with garland-35’ per tree  and 48 ornaments each-we could use 4800+ ornaments, 3500 ft of garland, 100 tree toppers and stands!! Multiply that by 3 for the 300 trees that are sent.

All the trees, boxes, ornaments, tree stands, packaging and assembly, transportation and shipping overseas is donated.

(Donations need to be in hand the first week of November, we cut, transport, pack and ship the trees right around Veterans Day—so they arrive between Thanksgiving and the first week in December!) Please include an e-mail address with the donation—the troops have access to e-mail—and they quite often reply!

Thank-you for participating

Amy Galehouse
Galehouse Tree Farms,  Ph: 330-658-2480, 330-607-4487   Fax: 330-658-2485
E-mail: galehousetreefarms@bright.net  or download info from www.galehousetreefarms.com
or OCTA office  Ph/Fax: 740-828-3331, E-mail; val@ohiochristmastree.com




Ohio Christmas tree Association
6870 Licking Valley rd
Frazeysburg, OH 43822

Looking for a Few Good Folks

Operation Evergreen, Ohio Christmas Trees Overseas to military personnel is in its 22nd year.

This program was set up to provide Christmas trees to those serving away from home during the holiday season by the Ohio Christmas Tree Association.

Starting in 1995, 29 trees were sent to troops serving in Bosnia.  In the years that followed trees were sent to Kosovo, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.  The number of trees sent has varied from the 29 up to 320 trees. Estimates are that the program has provided over 5000 trees to units serving overseas.

Since 1999, hand made ornaments, decorations and Christmas cards made by students, civic groups and other private citizens were included with the trees each year.

A 200 tree for donation for the 2017 Christmas Season is being set up —scheduled to be sent into Kuwait in November.  A minimum or 2000 to 5000 of our troops get to enjoy these touches of ‘home’ each year within their units, on bases and at the R & R areas.

All trees, ornaments, transportation to the collection sites in the state and boxes are donated.

Shipping costs have been funded several different ways–shipping overseas within the military distribution system, by commercial carrier from 2005 through 2011 and grass roots/public donations 2012 through 2016.

Our organization needs help this year to cover the shipping expenses
Each tree costs $100 to ship overseas.


Make Checks Payable to:  OCTA-Operation Evergreen
Send to: Ohio Christmas Tree Association, 6870 Licking Valley Rd, Frazeysburg OH 43822
Deadline for monetary donations is November 1st.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested, have questions or need more information.
Amy Galehouse, Operation Evergreen Coordinator  330-607-4487 cell, 330-658-2480 wk
email: galehousetreefarms@bright.net, for forms and info go to www.galehousetreefarms.com
Or Valerie at Ph/Fax: 749-828-3331, email:  val@ohiochristmastree.com