The Tree House opens in mid-April, for those who wish to shop for Christmas ideas year round.

Collectibles (Santas, glass ornaments, Fontanini nativities, angels), Christmas holiday decorating ideas and supplies and gifts can be found. In addition to Christmas merchandise you will find animal figurines, wind chimes, craft classes, fall and Thanksgiving merchandise. Need ideas for unique wedding gifts?–Start the new couple out with a tree stand, a tree topper , ornaments or even a gift certificate for a real tree in the future.

Throughout the year other activities can be found–farm tours for groups, craft classes, we even have a float in the local Rogues Hollow Festival.

Each fall, the barn is rearranged and fresh evergreens, 7′ to 14′, are brought in and decorated in a variety of Christmas themes. Rather than looking through windows at displays, you get to walk inside of the displays–up close, to see the variety and beauty of all the different Christmas ornaments and gifts.
The fresh wreaths, roping and arrangements are made on our farms. Much of the greenery is harvested on our farms from those trees which aren’t quite up to muster as a Christmas tree. Orders to ship a fresh wreaths to a friend far away can also be arranged.

Along with the Cut-your-own, and Ready-cut Christmas trees, we offer live trees you can take home, use for your holiday season and then plant them in your yard to enjoy for many more Christmases to come.